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Smile Point of Sale Systems Privacy Policy

Welcome to Smile Point of Sale website! The given below privacy policy is applied to http://smile-pos.com/ (the "Website").
We set your privacy as a high priority. The below-stated points of the privacy policy describe the info gathered and (if needed) shared by us as well as the actions we make to protect your info on our Website. It also sets forth the options available for you as for our use of the info identified as your personal data as well as the ways you can possibly get access to this info and update it.
Using the Website indicates that you agree with the clauses of this privacy policy. The given privacy policy was for the last time updated on 26 January 2017.

What Info is Gathered?

As it goes about most websites, certain info will be automatically collected and stored in the log files. Among other things, this info may include the following data: IP (Internet protocol) addresses, the type of the used browser, ISP (Internet service provider), operating system, type of device (desktop, mobile, tablet), referring/exit pages, date and time stamp as well as the click-stream information. The mentioned automatically gathered log info can be combined with other received info. This is done to enhance the offered services, analytics, and marketing reports as well as the Website's usability and functionality.
The web technologies as beacons, cookies, scripts and tags can be applied both by us and the partners of ours such as the service and analytics providers, sellers, advertisers. The mentioned technologies are utilized to analyze the trends, to administer the Website, optimize the provided services, track our users' activity on the Website as well as to gather the demographic info for the users' database on the whole. Additionally, we can expect to receive reports concerning the application of the mentioned technologies both on the aggregated and individual basis.
Cookies are applied to store certain data on the user's personal computer hard-drive and can be also tuned to store the info during the website visit session or longer. This technology can also be applied for streamlining the user's experience on the Website like automatic logging in during the future sessions. Note that you can disable cookies any time you want (provided that the browser you use allows the option). Still, mind that with the disabled cookies some features of the Website will be no longer available. In case you are not able to submit the Request, Contact or any other Form from the Website after disabling cookies then contact the Customer Support department available at 1-800-397-0707.
The application of cookies by the partners of ours such as the service and analytics providers, sellers, advertisers will not be covered by this privacy policy statement as far as we can not access these cookies or have any control over it.
The LSOs (local storage objects) like HTML5 can also be applied to store the content info, for instance, with the aim to embed videos on the Website as well as to monitor the users' interaction with that videos. The partners (referred to as the third parties) providing certain features on the Website or displaying ads based on your browsing activity can apply the mentioned LSOs to gather and keep the info. Different browsers offer their own specific tools for taking HTML5 based LSOs away.
As a potential services user or buyer expecting to get the info about or from the services providers or sellers, you will be asked to give the additional personal details for them to provide the corresponding services or products for you. These personal details may include the contact info as the first and last name, address (state, city, zip code), telephone number, email address as well as the purchasing requirements. The gathered info can vary depending on the different services and product categories in line with the different request forms embedded all through the Website. Additionally, you may be asked to provide the feedback about the service. The feedbacks will be stored in order to improve the Website's performance.
As a potential user of services and products listed on the Website, you may be asked to fill in the details to get the desired services or products to you. These details may include the contacts as well as info on the targeted markets and billing preferences.
Certain materials posted on the Website (including ads) can be served by the third parties. While serving these materials the mentioned third parties may gather the info relating to the use of the Website by you as well as to your response to the email communication. The applied data collection methods may also include the automated data acquisition. The info can be used to present ads and other similar promotional content that you may be interested in visiting both this Website and other sites. The acquisition, application, disclosure and safety of the information gathered by third parties are subject and will comply with the privacy policies statements stipulated by the corresponding third parties.

How Is the Gathered Info Used?

The gathered info is applied to connect the potential client with the service or product provider, to make other features and functions of the Website available, to enhance the users' experience as well as the communication with the users and for the purposes disclosed in the given privacy policy statement and those disclosed when you provide your info and personal details.  
The info will be used to facilitate and speed up transactions. We will send emails or reach the potential clients and services/products by other types of communications to accomplish the purpose for which the info was provided. Using the Website services you give your consent that we can use the data identified as your personal info to get in touch with you and provide the information related to the required services.
Carrying out analysis. Aiming to enhance the offered services and content we keep on analyzing the info received from the users to identify and monitor the market trends and their behavior in terms of interaction with the Website. The info which is identified as personal will be aggregated with other info to accumulate enough data for the analysis purposes. It will not be personally identifiable.
Users' feedback. Every user's feedback is highly appreciated. You as our Website user and services/products providers can be asked for the feedback using the provided contact details. All the feedbacks (positive and negative) will be taken into account to monitor and enhance the website performance in terms of usability, interaction, and services quality. We can also share your testimonial for the marketing purposes. Note that you can always ask to remove it contacting our Customer Support department available at 1-800-397-0707.
Newsletter. Our users, as well as services/products providers listed at Website, can be offered content in line with their demand and interest via email. Still, in case, you do not want to receive these materials you are always free to stop the newsletter via changing your notification preferences.
Other communications relating to the Website can concern the account status including updates and answers to the user's inquiries.
Affiliated partners. Some of your info can be shared with the parent and subsidiary companies for the purposes stipulated above. Your info can be used by us to send emails or any other communications on behalf of the parent company and subsidiaries. It may also include the newsletter with the promo materials. Any promo will offer an option to unsubscribe from the future promotions.  
The third-party offers. Your info can be also applied to the different communications on behalf of the third parties. All communications sent to you provide the clear instruction on how to unsubscripted from receiving the third-party offers. If you have any questions on the above-listed clauses feel free to contact the support service.

How Can Be Your Info Shared?

The user's info is an important part of the Website operation and the business. In this way, it will be disclosed or shared outside strictly in line with the principles set forth below. Meeting the users' demand, the info will be provided to the services/product provider to enable it to respond to your request anytime the form from the Website is sent. Any info voluntary provided by the users to the third parties like the registration for the third-party's services or subscription for newsletters will not be covered by this privacy policy. 
Potential clients. To speed up and facilitate matching the buyers' demand and providers' supply, the potential clients using the Website will get the info about the supplier in line with the requests or inquiries via the Website: supplier's contact details, reviews, rating and the background info.
Suppliers. In a similar way, the suppliers offering services and products which are consistent with the potential client's request (this can be also related to the resellers, marketers, and providers which carry out the marketing or provide the services on behalf of the aforementioned suppliers) may be given the potential client's info. The use of the client's info will be limited contractually. Thus it will be limited to the communication of supplier (or its marketers, resellers or other service providers) with the potential client about the desired service or product. Additionally, the suppliers can get the info about the potential clients in a way that will not anyhow disclose the data identified as personal info, for examples the feedbacks given without mentioning the specific company or person.
Agents. Sometimes, the third-party companies' services can be used to support and facilitate business activities. For instance, this can go about the affiliate and incentive programs providers, customers service companies, marketing services providers as well as postal or e-mail brokers. The mentioned companies will have to sign the non-disclosure agreement with us. They will be prohibited to use the info provided by us for any purposes except for those required to fulfill the functions that have been ascribed to them.
Members of the network. We also cooperate with the third parties. This is needed to extend the outreach of our service via the global network both to the clients and providers. Interacting with the services via the member of our network, the user's info will be shared with the corresponding affiliate in line with the aforementioned principles and will be as a rule reported in the aggregated format.
Advertisers. The user's info can be provided to the advertising companies (as well as their services providers) viewed as the third parties. This will be done in order to market their services and products and will be secured by the corresponding agreement to protect your personal info and keep it strictly confidential. You are free to refuse from such disclosures, just contact the support service. The user's info can be also aggregated (and will not include personal and contact details) for the advertising companies to make them understand whether the things they offer are in demand of the corresponding audience.     
Transitions. Striving to continue developing our business, we can acquire, join, merge or establish the partnership with other companies. If so is the case, we can get the client's info. Carrying out these transactions, the users' info can be included in the assets being transferred. All the users affected will be notified in a due course so that they may opt out this point.
Law Enforcement and Legal Process. Any activities that are considered to break the law or can assist the investigation of any unlawful activity can be reported to the law enforcement authorities.  We reserve the right to read, access, disclose and keep any info which is for the solid reasons believed to be indispensable to meet the laws in force, legal process regulation or government request; reinforce our Privacy Policy statement as well as detect or prevent any fraudulent activity; protect the rights and safety of users and product/services providers. This clause can be covered by the info exchange with other companies with the aim to prevent spam, malware, and other malicious actions.
Sharing Info as Permitted by Law. The users' info can be shared as it is required or permitted by the law. In this respect, the info can be shared with the governmental authorities in line with the court orders or legal processes. The info can also be shared to exercise our company's legal rights as well as to defend against the legal claims which have been or might be brought against us.

Account Info & Preferences

The users will be provided several ways to manage the info which is identified as their personal.
Account info. If for any reasons the data identified as your personal info changes or you, as a Website user, do not want to receive the service any longer, then you can request to delete your account data.   
Notification Preferences. Any user will be able to refuse from certain communications like the weekly or monthly newsletters sent via email and are not connected to the ordered product or service or the user's account status. Get in touch with the Customer Support department to change the communications preferences.
Retention of Data. The users' info will be retained for the certain period of time to send the service and product offers. In case you want to cancel this or request us to delete your info please contact our Customer Care department available at ADD EMAIL. The users' info will also be retained if it is necessary to comply with the law in force, reinforce agreements or resolve disputes.
Any data identified as personal info belonging to anyone under the age of 13 will not be collected. Discovering that the personal data of someone under 13 was collected, it will be immediately deleted from the database. Anyone aged under 18 is not eligible to use the Website services.
The Website may feature widgets as well as the social media features, for example, Facebook, G+ or Twitter “Like” or “Repost” buttons, which are posted and run on the Website as the interactive mini-programs providing services from the separate sites. These features may collect the data identified as your personal, for instance, email address, IP address as well as to set cookies to run properly. Any info gathered by these features is subject the privacy policy statement of the company owning the corresponding feature.
Public Forums
The Website can potentially offer the community forums or blogs which are publicly accessible. Mind that any info provided at the mentioned resources can be read and collected by other users of the resource. You may send a request to delete your personal details or in certain cases do it yourself.  If the info can not be deleted, you will be notified about that.

Legal Disclaimer

Even though we tried to address different issues related to the personal privacy, you may notice that we can hardly ensure that all the data identified as your personal or private communications will never be disclosed in the ways not otherwise stipulated by the above-listed clauses of this privacy policy. Thus, even though we apply the common and standard practices to keep the user's privacy safe, we can not fully guarantee that the data identified as your personal as well as other communications will be always kept private from the unauthorized access.

Notification of Change

From time to time this privacy policy can be amended in line with the changes made at the Website. This will be reflected by the amended terms posted on the Website which will come in force upon posting. The users will be notified by email about the major changes in this policy statement or by prominent notice posted 30 days prior to the time the changes become effective.

Contacting Us

In case you have any additional questions or comments related to this Website's privacy policy statement, please, feel free to contact us:
Customer Service
Innovative Merchant Systems
1600 38th Street, Suite 201, 
Boulder Colorado 80304
Direct: 303-877-6311
E-fax: 303 496-6311
24/7 tel.: 1-800-397-0707
Web support
tel.: 19178706454